Malcolm is dead; he was grinning while coughing
Sat up straight is his dying bed
Wondering how to quench his famous thirst
While me, I sat up in the attic
Neon aureole around my head
My ships were burning on the stairway
With a jar of Valium

Malcolm had traveled, sort of drifted about
He'd seen the Northern Light while chewing Mescal worms
While me, I 've seen the gutters of my hometown
Sniffed at local cunts and tickets
To what's always somewhere else
Singles and returns

But I feel safe and I feel nothing
When I'm left here by myself

After he got cured, he formed a gang with some youngsters
Making sick jokes all the time of how they cheated
And deceited him, in the past days
And the note on the stairs contains a 'Love You' from my girl
With the address of that House Upon The Hill
One day I'll meet you there

And Freddy's out again, hunting teenagers
Polishing his gloves for the next stand
But something evil and powerful climbs up my body
It fills me with strength

Cobras are hissing and crawling, approaching
And biting their way up my legs
Wish you could join me in my resurrection
And behold the newborn man
The newborn man


Slipped in on a day in need
Popped by on a night without sleep
Nervously dipping for weak spots
Before entering...

A foggy night, when I was blank inside
Patiently, taking your time
You set me up...
Then you entered my mind

Was it clear before you came by?
Do I want to remember that time?
Hard to remember how it is to be in control

Now I'm walking with my mind

And here comes food for thought
I'm in an alley on my knees
With my senses sharpened
Can't hold back when you're in command
You're in my eyes, my hands, my arms my legs
...You're in my mind

Now you're inside, now you're in control
I watch while asking that girl to come on

Let you handle let you do the word
My head hurts, I'm lazy and tired

Come on Sunday...
Me and my mind...
Yes, I'm walking with my mind

Here comes...


Go where the action is
Go out and have fun
Your precious friends
Await you where...where?
Where the action is
They're such good help
Helping you through
All through this lonesome night
Spilling love, spilling wine
All over your blue jeans
All over your jeans

Start of a new day
Still the heat is on
You're on your knees
In a filthy toilet
Throwing up...
Every little piece of misery
That's stuck inside of you

I was the young man
At the corner of the bar
I had a question
You could read it in my eyes
They said: 'don't you wanna go?'

Don't you wanna go go go!



You've never counted the men on your fingers and toes
But you know pity and pain and you've cried for them all
And you've crashed to the wall with your pretty white face
And you've carried the burdens when love turned to hate
You were out on a pedestal in rage and in tears
A Venus in limbo, crouching in fear

But you've never been denied
No, you've never been denied

The reason I came is to take you with me
I'm the footsteps on your roof and the freak in your dreams
The creep in your nightmares and the salt on your wounds
And I carving my name on the walls of your tomb
I'm surface on surface, the rust on the knife
That'll cut off the wings that could widen your life

You will never be denied
You will never be denied

You've been out all alone with the rats at your feet
You've been dying some deaths and you've tasted defeat
And you've pitied the men that could not understand
And you've pitied yourself for the ignorant men
You've been stripping your dress to the rhythm of guilt
You've been out hunting dreams you could never fulfill

But you've never been denied
No, you've never been denied


Low-'down, did I just hear you right?
Low-'down, were you just speaking to me?
Low-'down, must be your middle name
Low-'down, I don't believe we've met

The lowdown is, you're like the moon
You just stand there still and cold
The lowdown is that you don't give
You just suck up people's souls
You say you're going home
Just leave us here behind
But that's no way to say goodbye
That's no way to say goodbye...

It's low-'down,
Does your mother know you're just a little
Low-'down, low-'born, low-'minded, lowermost
Low-'down, disgrace to humankind
You're the lowermost, the lowermost

The lowdown is, you've parked your car
And now I can't get through
The lowdown is that I'm fed up
With low-'down fools like you
Think I'll go home
Ease my weary mind
Watch me ease my weary mind

(That's no way to say goodbye,
That's no way to say goodbye)


With evil eye, strong pride
Nothing and no one to rely on
Pocket full of hate, pocket full of rage
Pockets full of…
The chance to succeed is about one to three
But I want that pain, I want that hurt
On the S.S. Experience, drag me through
Drag in or out of the dirt

So hurry and don't worry

Mister civil servant step aside
Mister civil servant taste my pride

Are you afraid, what are you so afraid of?

Now this ain't the train to Jordan
This ain't the Walhalla Express
This ain't the sea of love
The road to heaven's gate
(There's no such road)

And I touch myself and I hurt myself
Touch and hurt, hurt and touch

S.S. Experience

A mother's child tears itself out of the soft down
Drags itself into the gaping snout, the gaping claws
Into that now awakening, growling monster of the sea

A partner for life, it's written in the birthmarks
It's written right behind the babycurls
It says you've found yourself a partner for life girl

S.S. Experience

And the S.S. Experience growls and gleams
Takes him further than his most perverted dreams
Takes him further than his sickest fantasies
Forbidden needs

Hear the evil banging, hear him calling back
Hear the call, hear that call from the captain's deck
Hear me out, hear me out
Hear that rhythm, hear that rhythm
Dance to that rhythm
Make love to that rhythm