Go where the action is
Go out and have fun
Your precious friends
Await you where...where?
Where the action is
They're such good help
Helping you through
All through this lonesome night
Spilling love, spilling wine
All over your blue jeans
All over your jeans

Start of a new day
Still the heat is on
You're on your knees
In a filthy toilet
Throwing up...
Every little piece of misery
That's stuck inside of you

I was the young man
At the corner of the bar
I had a question
You could read it in my eyes
They said: 'don't you wanna go?'

Don't you wanna go go go!



Slipped in on a day in need
Popped by on a night without sleep
Nervously dipping for weak spots
Before entering...

A foggy night, when I was blank inside
Patiently, taking your time
You set me up...
Then you entered my mind

Was it clear before you came by?
Do I want to remember that time?
Hard to remember how it is to be in control

Now I'm walking with my mind

And here comes food for thought
I'm in an alley on my knees
With my senses sharpened
Can't hold back when you're in command
You're in my eyes, my hands, my arms my legs
...You're in my mind

Now you're inside, now you're in control
I watch while asking that girl to come on

Let you handle let you do the word
My head hurts, I'm lazy and tired

Come on Sunday...
Me and my mind...
Yes, I'm walking with my mind

Here comes...


William's in a violent dream
The chief is smiling through his teeth
Morning brings a lonely mood
A right hand trembling like a leaf

William the phantom(2x)

Dirty sheets and Vaseline
Photographs of precious things
Enemas and coffee black
Who knows what the day might bring?

Morning prayers morning sighs
Memories of lonely times
Quest for love and company
To a hairy chested Christ

Was it something I experienced
Or is it in my head?

French kisses and mojos
Dietrich on the stereo
Slow dance in a gay bar
Mother on the telephone

Cockroaches and heroine
Wild boys head for misery
William's in a hotelbar
Cutting up his diary

Nothing, as the day goes by
Evening prayers and evening sighs
Shopping centre, lonely meal
Chocolate in case mum drops by

Precious books and photos
Noisy televisionshows
Spends the evening by his own
(Dietrich on the stereo)

Was it something I experienced
Or is it in my head?

Sudden action sudden bores
Sodomy and Islam whores
William's in a desserttown
Cutting up Moroccan boys

Was it something I experienced
Or is it in my head?


I walk this road with nowhere to go
I wear my steel-heeled boots
The paved road, swings under my feet
Without a sign or direction

I take a train to god knows where
I where a three piece suite
Decipher newspapers, magazines, but
Nothing attracts my attention

Can you give me a clue!

I can't remember what I wanted to say
I watch the cat chasing' mice all day
I've seen my life flashing by in a haze
But I can't remember what I wanted to say

Screaming faces, coming up to me
I've vaguely seen before
They want to talk about the next move of ours
I tell them not to worry

Model my face to a picture of god
A mask of understanding
Demands are coming from the holes in my head
Executed before me

But, can you give a clue

I can't remember what I wanted to say
I watch the cat chasing' mice all day
I'm gonna' need him when the rats come my way
I can't remember what I wanted to say

...And then the rats came


What to say, where to start
And what is it that you're after?
I snap my fingers and I here by
Re-open these files
Let the old man cough
Let him cough up his silent heart

In a stare, recall the years
Of the unstoppable rage
Never really faded, but eased
Became a thing you learn to handle
Give the old man peace
Don't smack him back in time

Make him drink to calm the rage
Give him drugs to ease the pain
Let him think, bring up the names
Kill him and re-animate

On a river of salty
And adolescent tears
The raft floated downstream
It took some boys and girls
With a sailor's dream
Laughter in their heads

Couldn't play guitar
But somehow seemed to grab a mean e minor
She sang a note to it
That hypnotised and chilled us to the bone
As if she wasn't real
Impersonating a child

And when the wig fell off
It must have been under my caress
It hid a scar that made somebody scream
"Mark of the beast"
Then the raft made water
And the violence had begun

Oh, how we made the waterside
Just the two of us survived
May I say, I owed my life
To a pale and unmasked child
Beast in child's clothes, I call your name
Your grin it haunts me like a pain
How we hissed at that waterside
How I took you for my bride
Let me dream while I'm awake
Let me be, forget the names
I see you through these tears of hate
Clench my fists, and curse this fate
How you killed and re-animated


Agnes and her ghosts, quietly live
In a room of six by four, with a lock on the door
Agnes and her ghosts, are moving about
In a small and cosy place, keeping me out
watching the handles, going up and down
Doesn't upset her, things in life she's got used to

Agnes in her white dress, nursing an old man
Helping him cough, gives him all the love she can
Agnes and her ghosts, Agnes and her dreams
I watch from outside and wish that the old man was me
Agnes and her beauty, Agnes and her eyes
Agnes is all that goes on in my mind

She's in her room now, prepares to go to bed
Has she sensed my presence, in the stroke of a sudden chill?
(Is she thinking of me)
Puts out the light, pulls up the sheets
Can't find no warmth, in the heart of august
(Is she thinking of me)
Twisting and turning, she stares in the dark
Is she scared, is she angry, lonely or hurt, is she waiting
(Is she waiting for me)

Agnes and her ghosts, quietly live
In a room of six by four, with a lock on the door
Agnes and her ghosts, are moving about
In a small and cosy place, keeping me out
Agnes and her beauty, Agnes and her eyes
Agnes is all that goes on in my mind
(I'll be around tonight)


Low-'down, did I just hear you right?
Low-'down, were you just speaking to me?
Low-'down, must be your middle name
Low-'down, I don't believe we've met

The lowdown is, you're like the moon
You just stand there still and cold
The lowdown is that you don't give
You just suck up people's souls
You say you're going home
Just leave us here behind
But that's no way to say goodbye
That's no way to say goodbye...

It's low-'down,
Does your mother know you're just a little
Low-'down, low-'born, low-'minded, lowermost
Low-'down, disgrace to humankind
You're the lowermost, the lowermost

The lowdown is, you've parked your car
And now I can't get through
The lowdown is that I'm fed up
With low-'down fools like you
Think I'll go home
Ease my weary mind
Watch me ease my weary mind

(That's no way to say goodbye,
That's no way to say goodbye)


Golden helmet pinches the ears, scrapes the forehead
And hampers my eyesight...to fight the dragon tonight

Thick fog captured by trees
The mossy ground all covered with bones and skulls
I point at the maliciously grinning one
And say: 'this must have been your brother'
You hand me the bottle and say:
'A little hit before you go in'
With calmth, strength and a sturdy Cinderella
Waiting for me in town (to lick my wounds)

We fight the dragon tonight
Send it back to its evil creator
We fight the dragon tonight
Come out, now!

With clanging armour, golden and shining
Until darkness strikes

(...Just the night before, we drank to courage and strength,
The blood from our wrists collected and mixed in grails, holy, like the bodies of our fallen companions.

Is that you Richard?
Is that you Friedrich?
Is that you...

...and we poured again, shouting:

"Death to the dragon!
Death to the dragon!")

And roaring knight-like
I mount the snotting horse
(by the name of Yukio)
The sun sets evil shadows
And I believe I can hear the dragon calling now
'I'll be back, I'll be back...'

If good luck and faith and god are on our side
If the strength remains, to face it and to fight
If the heart stays filled with the ethics of a knight
If the heart comes out and bathes in open light
We fight the dragon tonight!

...come out!...come out!


Calypso on a Friday, with your eyes closed
To a joyful emptiness
Calypso, slowly, to the rhythm
Of the worries in your life
...make it home in time

Calypso, my cellmate, my comrade,
Killer, bitter sigh
Calypso, every new day, every schoolday
Is a day so fine
...we'll catch up in time

We'll go dancing, up and down your dreams
Keep on searching, up and down your dreams
Calypso, things ain't never what they seem

Calypso, there's been talking, there's been rumours
Going round and round
Calypso, I could hear your mamma calling
...make it home in time

Limbo, to the blackness, of a soultune
Limbo baby limbo
Calypso, when the news breaks, will you meet me,
Face me, forgive me...
...see me as a friend

We'll go dancin