Mark Ritsema

1981 – After first experiences as bass player, singer and songwriter in Torpedos, Spasmodique is formed in the nursing home where Mark and bassplayer Martin work. After a few experimental years they are joined by former Torpedos-members Arjo and Reinier to become a more proffesional outfit.

1986 – 1992 - From the first mini album to their break up in 1992 Spasmodique release three full length albums and tour intensivly in Holland, Germany, Austria, Tsjechie and Hungary.

1991 – Forms Cobraz with multi-instrumentalist Willem Cramer.

Begins working as a journalist.

1993 – Guitar player of The Bride, feauturing singer Nathalie Houtermans and drummer Rutger Wolfson. The Bride disbands around 1996 after the break up of the personal relation of Mark and Nathalie.

1995 – Debutalbum of Cobraz, produced by Belgian producer/guitarplayer Jean-Marie Aerts. Cobraz disbands in 1996.

1997 – Tours Holland with Jean-Marie Aerts and former Cobraz members Chris Grem (bass) and Ron de Bruyn (drums) by the name of Last Side Show.

Composes soundtrack for the short film In Forced Perspective by Rino Gauw. Spasmodique is reunited for the recording.

1998 – 2000 - Participates as guitarist in the making of several soundsculptures of the Brittish artist/photographer Graigie Horsfield. The works (mostly edited in the length of the opening hours of the gallery) are exhibited in galleries in Middelburg, Stuttgart, Brussels and London.

Lengthy interview with John Sinclair for music magazine Smilin’ Ears.

1998 – Forms Raskolnikov. First album Studio Gloria is released in the next year.

2001 – Live debut with John Sinclair at Crossing Border Festival in Amsterdam.

Writes and performes the music for the next movie of Rino Gouw, called Waltzing The Storm

Founds label/organisation Unsound with members of The Q-Club and writes manifest Unsound0001

2002 – Release of Spasmodique album From Villa Delirium, lengthy Dutch tour follows.

The book From The Cellar Of Roses (20 years of Spasmodique) is compiled and published by Jean-Paul van Mierlo. Ritsema writes the introduction.

Records the singing parts for actor Gillis Biesheuvel (Dood Paard) in the tv movie Oud en Nieuw by David Lammers (music by David Dramm) and appears in the movie as Biesheuvel’s guitarplayer.

2003 – Release of Raskolnikov album Jezebel Shanty.

Tours with Unsound0007, a collaboration of Raskolnikov and The Q-Club.

Trip to Portugal where he starts working on In A Valley Of Wolves with Jules Otto.

Two short stories published in literary magazine Passionate

Poem published in booklet Kelderkunst

2005 – Meets singer/artist Dirk Polak who has just reunited his former band Mecano with bass player/composer Teo Bolten. Joins the live-unit of Mecano together with Reinier Rietveld.

Produces demo of singer/songwriter Vera and joins her band on guitar

2006 – Plays with John Sinclair in Spain and Italy and with Mecano in Greece.

Joins The Q-Club on guitar and vocals for the multi-media show Unsound0011

Poem published in poetry magazine Krakatau

2007 – More European dates with Sinclair and Mecano.

In A Valley Of Wolves is finally finished and released under the name Nightporter as Mark’s first solo album.

Writes a brief history of the Rotterdam underground scene in the eighties/nineties for Antiscene, a book by photographer Carla van der Marel, published by Duo Duo.

2008 - Plays guitar for writer Carrie in Museum Boymans van Beuningen. Words and music are inspired by (and performed in front of) the painting Shooting Gallery by Pyke Koch.

Writes a booklet about his neighborhood (Oude Noorden), assigned by Photo Gallery, agent and publisher PAR 31.